19 Ekim 2015 Pazartesi

Being within and beyond

“We can’t make someone happy but we are able to make someone unhappy. Everybody has to build its own happiness.” Emine Zinnur Kılıç – Psikeart magazine

Ekin brought to the foundation this magazine, since then where ever I go I take it with me. Subject Happiness. What is happiness, where to find, how to find i, when to be it. İs happiness till the end of our life, like it is said in the fairy tales.

To be in the moment, to live the moment! This is yoga. When yoga is life then how can Happiness be till the end of our life. Happiness, suffering, anger, hate, love all these occurences are entities. Just happening for only a moment. We are carrying them with our memories, with our dreams, with our hopes and expectations.

We never take care about the moment more we take care about the feelings, thoughts and pain occuring after the moment. Concentrate all our thoughts, feelings, aches through our expectations and hopes.

Just for a moment let us try to look our body, the pressure of our feet on the floor, the way our hands look like, which way our head drop. Our whole body tells us the story how we receive the moment. How we accept the moment and how we interpret the moment.

Instead of being behind or ahead of the time, let us be in the moment…Have a break, have a moment within and beyond…

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