13 Ekim 2015 Salı


“I have studied the art of the ancients and the art of the moderns, avoiding any preconceived system and without prejudice. I no longer wanted to imitate the one than to copy the other; nor, furthermore, was it my intention to attain the trivial goal of ‘art for art's sake’. No! I simply wanted to draw forth, from a complete acquaintance with tradition, the reasoned and independent consciousness of my own individuality.

To know in order to do, that was my idea. To be in a position to translate the customs, the ideas, the appearance of my time, according to my own estimation; to be not only a painter, but a man as well; in short, to create living art - this is my goal.” (Gustave Courbet, 1855)

“Realism is my homework, look how I did,” said my daughter. During I was looking her work I saw this speech of Gustave Courbet from 1855.

Everyday trying to make yoga, to be yoga, to find a translation for yoga or a description for yoga. Yoga is the life, is nothingness that we are living everyday, when we get out of the bed. None of us knows what will happen, we just know only what we want to do and imagine the result of it through our intentions and wishes.

Our knowledge is our daily experience, which make us happy, sad, desperate, courageous… Instead of looking, searching for the love of our children, of  our lover or husband, our achievement at work, our bank account, we can simply be aware of our nothingness, ignorance.

When we realise that everyday is an empty bucket that we try to fill up with our insecurity, doubts, fear, courage, love and lovelessness.

Inside of a deep breath we can realise that we are surrounded with love, compassion and have faith to whatever is happening. Instead of trying to find a solution, trying to escape or gain favor, let us feel our worth and our significance for this universe.

Instead of not seeing, not hearing, let us feel ourselves, our real nature to be able to reveal our mission for this universe and for each other.

With the hope to meet our own independent and free consciousness…

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