3 Kasım 2015 Salı


“Self/less just a movie. It is just a movie mom, don’t be so in it!”

Yes it is a movie, it is life, it is our brain, our hope, our creativity and it is real. All the movies that I saw till today made me think about it. In the “real” world we do everything for LOVE, for MONEY, our own WİLL and to STAY young and FOREVER like Dorian Gray.

We never realise that we are creatures which has to experience life with our eyes, our own emotions and our own way of thinking. Therefore the movies are more real. In fact science, life, fashion, our environment take form according to the movies.

More we are afraid to experience, we steel the experiences of others. At the end we do not know who we are, where we come from, what we do, for what we are here.

According to Patanjali, “if you are happy, pleasant and unselfish in your behavior toward others, obstacles will shrink. If you are miserly with your emotions and judgemental in your mind, obstacles will grow.”

As simple as it seems, we have to practice everyday, every moment, and begin within ourselves to know ourselves until we feel the change inside an outside of our body.

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